We are Springfields first and only Neo Burlesque troupe, we put the funny back in sexy. Every show we give you laughter, sex appeal, nostalgia, and with every routine we show you the art of the tease and a lot of please.
We started over a decade ago performing at Lindergs on Commercial St and after a performance hiatus during covid we re-opened at Blue Room Comedy Club and have been there ever since. In the year of 2023 we performed every other month with a smaller troupe, during that year we decided to grow the troupe. We held auditions and hired three new performers. This year we are bringing back monthly performances and a rotating performance style, this means you won't see every performer at every show. We hope this brings a bit of variety to the show so you won't ever get tired of us.

2024 Cherry Bomb CalendarPerforming at Blue Room Comedy Club

January 14th 7pm

February 18th 7pm
March 24th 7pm
April 21st 7pm
May 19th 7pm
June 23rd 7pm

July 21st 7pm
August 18th 7pm
September 15th 7pm
October 20th 7pm
November 17th 7pm
December 15th 7pm

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Get to know our Performers

Carly Von Wolf
She is a barber by day and a burlesque dancer by night! In the school lunchroom you would have found her wandering around to everyone's table because she never really fit in. She has danced all kinds of styles and growing up dance was her passion. That passion quickly turned into accepting herself as she is and wanting others to do the same, which led to her start with Burlesque. She has had an amazing journey so far and she can't wait to see what all new things she has to learn.

Luxy Lace
She has been with the group for about 6 years. She has a vast array of expressive faces and loves to make the crowd laugh. Her journey started off with a completely different style, and we love that she has become one of the resident goobers! She enjoys all things crafting, gaming, hello kitty and loving on her 5 cats and 1 dog.

LouLou Swallows

Kinda Hot Donna
She has been performing with the Cherry Bomb Burlesque for almost a decade. Her routines range from terrifying to hilarious, but you're always in for a thrill. You'll never know what she's going to do next, but it is always a great time.

Steve Nipz
Coming from a musical background, her introduction to burlesque actually began when she started singing before each Cherry Bomb show with her band. She quickly fell in love with the art of neo-burlesque and its encapsulation of comedy and off-the-wall outfits. She is one of our resident goobers, she loves to make people laugh with her quirky reveals, and adores the creative freedom she has found in burlesque. She loves cosplay, comic books, and all things nerdy.

Cherries Deville
A pint sized powerhouse and crafty temptress known for popping the crowds cherry with her dazzling performances and unique style that is hotter than her trusty glue gun.

Missy Maxxum
She is a tornado of theatrics! She has been doing burlesque since 2018 when she started performing locally. As well as dancing, she plays ukulele and live-sing's, preferring to vocalize to songs that are powerful and emotional. She is known on stage for her wild facial expressions and high energy, and her style leans more toward dark punk/alternative. She does burlesque to inspire others who may have (similar to herself) had an unkind past revolving around body-image, abuse, and mental health issues.

Feral Faucet
This they/them is ready for mayhem! They are fresh to the Springfield area, and a new comer who loves bringing the stage to life! A huge fan of all things nerdy and macabre, they can be found playing dnd, doing horror plays, and working on forming a larp guild, when they aren’t catching up on anime.

Laci Bottoms
She has been dancing for around 15 years, starting her journey with bellydance and moving into burlesque. She is always happy to expand her knowledge of the arts and enjoys sharing tips with anyone who is interested. She likes making costumes to help make her performances pop and she loves interpreting music in a physical way.

Strawberry Shortcummings- Emcee
She has been trying to get attention and making people laugh since she could talk. She loves the twisted comedic take on burlesque that the Cherry Bomb Burlesque is known for.

Hard Kore-Merch Kitten
They are Hard Kore and so much more! Hard Kore is our merch extraordinaire and hype aficionado. They have been spreading smiles with the Cherry Bombs for a little over a year now. You can catch them in the lobby before the show or at the back of the room during intermission slinging tees and pasties, and all of the other troupe trinkets!

Coco La Fleur-Merch Kitten
Slaying and slinging merch is her game. She's a gamer and custom plushie creator who loves cozy games, squishmalows, and all things weird! Catch her at the merch table with all your Cherry Bomb swag needs!

Highlights from 2023

Photos by Stryker Pose

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